If you notice that your car is not handling the road well and seems to be bouncing when you drive it, there could be several things that are wrong with it and need to be repaired. Getting the repairs done as fast as possible is important because it will help prevent you from dealing with more difficult repairs in the future and could help keep you safe on the road. If you need to help of a Chandler, AZ auto repair, be sure to consider asking for help with these issues.


If your tires have some issues, it could be causing your car to bounce. There might be wires sticking out of them, they may need to be balanced, there could be a problem with your wheels, or your tires might just be old and need to be replaced. Your tires can have a huge effect in how well your car handles the road and can be a reason that it bounces. A repair shop can check your tires, balance and change them if needed to ensure your road trips are smooth and safe.


If your car seems to be bouncing when you try to stop, it might be a sign that there is something wrong with your brakes. If they aren’t working right, they could be catching as you try to slow down and stop and this could make the car feel like it’s bouncing. It can also happen if you try to stop quickly and your car is hesitant to slow down and bounces before coming to a complete stop. Once the brakes are repaired, the car should be able to stop more smoothly, stop bouncing and be safer for you to drive.


Your car’s suspension is what helps it hit bumps and still drive smoothly. It’s meant to move the car slightly while still allowing you to have control of it while driving. You will notice that your car bounced for a long time after hitting a bump or going over a speed bump in the parking lot. While it’s normal to feel a little bounce, if the bounce is too obvious or it seems to be lasting longer than normal, it might mean that your struts or shocks are wearing down and need to be replaced. An auto repair shop can help you with that.

Chandler, AZ auto repair

If you are noticing that your car is bouncing around on the road, you might be concerned and confused. There are a few different problems that could be causing the bouncing to occur. The above are just a few of those things. If you need help finding the cause of the bouncing and you want to get the repairs quickly, be sure to consider calling a Chandler, AZ auto repair. You can reach out to Network Automotive Service Center. We can help with a variety of car issues. Just give us a call today to make arrangements for your service appointment.