If your car starts to make noises, your first thought might be to ignore it. Ignoring a sound can make the problem worse and make your car unsafe. Some noises are serious and others are just a sign of a minor issue. If you are hearing any of these sounds, it’s time to make an appointment with a Mesa, AZ auto repair shop. Here are the most common noises that can occur when there is a problem with your car. Keep in mind there are other sound that may be cause for concern as well.

Expanded Engine Noise when Accelerating

A common sign of a problem is a loud noise when giving the car gas. If the car appears to be louder than normal, it might be a sign that you should service it. Does your motor appear to be stronger than it use to? Particularly during speed increase? This might be brought about by an exhaust leak which can be unsafe to your vehicle and yourself. You should make an appointment with a car repair shop to have the exhaust inspected and ensure there are no other severe problems with the vehicle.

Motor ticks

Sometimes the noises you hear while driving are small and take some time to notice. Ticking commotions coming from the motor region can be brought about by various things, for example, fuel injectors, valves or even indents in belts. It is essential to have the issue looked at quickly to forestall further harm. The longer your motor ticks, the more problems that may occur with it. Taking care of the smaller problem when you notice them will help you avoid problems that are more serious and could require more expensive repairs.

Thumping Noise in the engineMesa, AZ auto repair

A thumping sound that increments and diminishes in speed with the RPMs of the motor is likely being brought about by destroyed motor direction. It is fundamental that you get this issue dealt with quickly to forestall the chance of complete motor disappointment. The course are what the moving pieces of the motor lay on and they can wear out because of low oil levels or general mileage from high mileage. Not only are thumping noises annoying and frustrating, they could make it hard to focus on driving and make your drive more dangerous.

If you are planning to have your car maintenance or if you are hearing odd sounds coming from the vehicle, it may be wise to make an appointment with a trusted Mesa, AZ auto repair shop. You can find an auto shop that will identify the source of the sound and find the reason for it. They will make the repairs and ensure your car is is good condition and ready for the road. If you need help making an appointment to have your car serviced, be sure to call Network Automotive Service Center. We are happy to help you get your car running properly. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we can offer you.