When you are going on a long drive with kids, you need to be properly prepared. You can do that by having everything you need and having your car inspected by a Chandler, AZ auto repair shop.


Kids can get bored on long car rides and road trips and when they get bored they start to act up and whine and complain. Bring some entertainment options for your children if you don’t want to drive through hours of tantrums and tears. Books are great for any age as are DVD players and video games. If you can’t bring something to entertain your children, help them think of fun games to play in the car. There are plenty of car game ideas online or you can make up your own.


Hopefully your little ones stay healthy and happy during your road trip, but it always a good idea to bring along some common medications just in case. Pain and fever reducer, earache medication, tooth pain medication and any prescriptions your child takes on a regular basis should always be on hand. You may think you can find these things at any pharmacy, but if you are ever stuck in traffic with a child suffering from an earache, you will be glad to have some medication on hand.


Long car rides can make anyone tired and children are no exception. Many kids sleep well in the car and you can cover a lot of miles while your kids are napping peacefully in the backseat. Make them comfortable by allowing them to bring a pillow and blanket with them. The more comfortable they are, the better and longer they will sleep. That will help make the trip easier for them and you. Travel pillows are a great option because they are small enough to keep in the car but still provide plenty of comfort.

ToysChandler, AZ auto repair shop

Of course you don’t want to clutter up your vehicle with a lot of unnecessary items, but a few toys can be a lifesaver during a road trip with kids. Books and movies can only entertain them for so long and eventually they are going to want to use their hands and imaginations a little more. Allow your children to bring a couple of their favorite toys from home to play with in the car. Make sure the tools are designed to be played with anywhere and are not so big that they take up a lot of space or so small that they are easily dropped and lost. The toys will also be handy for when you arrive at your destination and want to keep you kids busy in a hotel room or guest house.

If you are getting ready for a long trip with kids, you will need to prepare for it. Consider the above tips and also make sure your car is safe for the road by having it checked out by a Chandler, AZ auto repair shop.