If you think your diesel is not getting good enough gas mileage, be sure to consider taking it to a Chandler, AZ auto repair shop. You can also keep some of these tips in mind that may help your diesel run better and help you save money on your gas costs and overall driving expenses.


There are hundreds of trucks that pass through a shop that runs completely differently after a full service, despite the fact that this may seem common sense. When you want your diesel pickup to run as efficiently as possible, you must ensure that all of its systems are working. It will hurt your horsepower if one or both filters are not operating properly. It will require you to operate the truck at a higher speed to accomplish the same task. An obstructed air filter can reduce the truck’s engine power by 30-50%. The same applies to oil that is way past its expiration date, which loses its lubricity and causes excessive drag. Fresh new oil is simply doing a better job. The extra drag drains power. The same goes for transmission, transfer cases, and differential oils. It will cost you a little horsepower if you have to spin your gears through the sludge that has broken down, which then reduces the efficiency of the truck.

Avoid Full ThrottleChandler AZ, auto repair

People are switching from gas engines to diesel pickups as diesel pickups become more popular and more used ones become available. However, many people still drive them like gas engine vehicles. The engine will not be negatively impacted if you drive like that, but your fuel economy will. Generally, diesel-like just loaf while doing their jobs in order to maximize fuel economy. Although the latest trucks are producing excellent horsepower at higher RPMs, the best fuel economy is found at low RPMs. Make sure you don’t hit the accelerator too hard if you’re going for every last mile per gallon. Only push the accelerator as far as necessary to get to your desired speed. In order to maximize fuel economy, you need to put your truck in overdrive as soon as possible and let its torque move the load.


The boost level of their engine doesn’t seem to interest many people. The purpose of a boost gauge isn’t just to measure how much boost you are making when you are running a performance application most of the time. The turbocharged diesel’s performance is greatly impacted by the boost. Truck boost varies depending on the truck, but it directly relates to how much power your truck is produced. The more boost, the more power.

If you are driving a diesel and want to find a way to make it more fuel-efficient, keep the above suggestions in mind. If you need help making your diesel run better, be sure to take it to a Chandler, AZ auto repair. We are happy to help you make your diesel more fuel-efficient and to ensure it runs just the way it should.