It’s never good to find out that your car is getting too hot or overheating, so you should always check that the most common causes of overheating are a problem for your car. If you do find out that your car is overheating, take it to a Chandler, AZ auto repair shop for repairs. Here are some of the most common things that can make your car overheat and cause problems for you. If any of these are a problem for you, get your repairs done immediately.

Bad Battery

You may not even consider the fact that your battery could be going bad and causing your car to overheat. A defective battery causes your car to overheat while driving. It is essential to replace your battery after 3 years if it is older than that. To be sure that the battery is reliable for the car, let the mechanic check its condition.

Cracked Radiator

Cars require a radiator to regulate their temperature. It is important to add water and coolant to the radiator when driving to prevent overheating. Avoid underfilling or overfilling the radiator. Overheating might cause leftover water/coolant to spill, so be careful while loosening the cap.

Revving The Engine

Before driving, gently rev your engine. By allowing seamless oil movement throughout the engine, it helps to vibrate some components in the car more effectively. Driving an already heated car isn’t the best solution to stopping a car from overheating. If your engine is already hot, don’t rev it. This can cause the car to overheat quickly and can permanently damage your engine.

Air ConditionerChandler AZ auto repair

What are the chances of an air conditioner overheating a car? Either the air conditioning compressor failed, which increased engine load, or the compressor locked up on the fan belt, which made it difficult for the fan belt to disperse heat from the engine coolant. Therefore, you should turn off the air conditioning when the weather is favorable. As a result, the pressure on the engine will be reduced and the car will cool.

Low Coolant

Overheating a car is caused by low coolant levels? Having a low level of coolant causes overheating. While the coolant steams, the heat that was supposed to be removed from the engine becomes trapped. You should add plenty of coolant to your radiator to ensure it doesn’t crack or cause your car to overheat. If you don’t keep enough coolant in your car it may cause serious problems with your engine and prevent your car from running properly.

If you are worried that your car may be overheating or there may be something that is making your engine run hot, you will need to find out the cause of the problem so you can have it repaired before it causes serious engine damage. A Chandler, AZ auto repair shop will be able to inspect your vehicle and tell you if there are any issues. Give us a call today to get help ensuring your car runs as it should. Tell you if there are any problems, and make the necessary repairs. If you need help with your car, call today to learn more about our services.