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Squeaky Brakes?


Your vehicle’s brakes should function with a minimum amount of noise. A small amount of noise is normal, but excessive noises such as screeching, grinding, squealing, or groaning will need immediate inspection.

Brakes that may seem to cause an under powered vehicle, extremely hot wheels, or a feeling that the brakes are dragging can cause complete brake loss.

A vibration in the brake pedal, steering wheel or your seat when applying the brakes indicate warped rotor(s) or a problem with some loose front end parts.

Red Brake Indicator Light – could be low fluid, contaminated fluid, or possibly your parking brake is on or the switch is stuck. Yellow ABS indicator light indicates a problem somewhere in the ABS system. Though your brakes should work in their proper manner it is suggested that an inspection occur immediately.

Hard Brake Pedal – can be caused by power brake failure, a hydraulic wheel cylinder, poor brake pads or shoes, or even a stuck brake caliper.

Low Brake Pedal – could be caused by low brake pads or shoes, might be something as simple as a brake adjustment and will usually accompany the Red Brake Indicator Light.

Grabbing Brakes – might be contaminated brake pads or shoes, or a loose or broken front end component ready to give way in a panic situation.