Car Pulling To One Side? You May Need An Alignment From A Chandler, AZ Auto Repair Center

Car Pulling To One Side? You May Need An Alignment From A Chandler, AZ Auto Repair Center

If your car is pulling to one side, it could be several different problems. The most likely problem is a misalignment. It’s not uncommon for a vehicle’s wheels to become misaligned with time. If your vehicle is showing any signs of misalignment, you need to take it to a Chandler, AZ auto repair center to have the wheels aligned so your vehicle can handle the road properly and be less at risk for an accident. Here are some signs your vehicle may need to be aligned.

Vehicle Pulling

If you notice your vehicle is pulling to one side, this is a sign that it needs to be aligned. It can pull to either side and the pulling may be mild or severe. It can make it hard to drive your car and keep it on the road. You may have to hold the steering wheel to prevent it from pulling off the road. In most cases, the faster you go, the worse the pulling becomes. It can be dangerous to drive a car that needs an alignment.

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Tire Wear

When you look at your tires, they should be evenly worn on all sides. If you are needing to replace your tires often or if you notice that they are more worn on one side of the other, it could be a sign that your vehicle needs an alignment. Not only will it help your vehicle handle the road more easily, but it will save you money as you won’t have to replace the tires as often and can get more out of them.

Tilted Steering Wheel

If you get in your vehicle and the steering wheel is tilted while the wheels are straight, you may need to have your vehicle aligned. You may notice your steering wheel has to be turned the opposite way or completely around to get your car to drive straight or to steer it properly. Before you assume something is wrong with the steering wheel, check to see if your wheels need to be aligned.

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Squealing Tires

If your tires are making noises while you are driving and seem to be squealing when you pull out of the driveway or make a sudden turn. Most people don’t think much about squealing tires, but if the problem happens often, it may be a sign that your wheels need to be aligned.

If your vehicle is showing signs that it may need a wheel alignment, you should consider bringing it to a Chandler, AZ auto repair center. Network Automotive Service Center is here to help you with all your automotive repair needs. We can help you with all your automotive issues and keep your car running properly. We have helped hundreds of customers fix and maintain their vehicles and we are happy to help you too. Give us a call or stop by with your car today to schedule an appointment for an alignment or for any other maintenance and repair needs.

Fast Facts

  • Why is wheel alignment required?

    As part of car maintenance, wheel alignment is very important in avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on our vehicle’s tyres, wheels, steering, brakes, and suspension. It improves the drivability of your vehicle by correcting its stability thus improving overall handling performance and maximizes the tyre life.

  • Can wheel alignment affect steering?

    Mostly yes, but it is not always the case. Some factors such as worn-out parts like struts, shocks, loose bearings, and other damaged wheel components are contributing factors in your car’s poor handling. In this case, you need to bring your car to an expert mechanic so they can calibrate wheel alignment to its most efficient handling setup and to replace work-out steering components.

  • What wheel alignment does?

    Wheel alignment ensures the proper angle of your car’s tyres on the road’s surface. Mechanics calibrate through laser and other means of measurement to determine the right adjustments in pointing your tyres and wheel wells centered onto each other. The mechanics usually adjust your car’s wheels to their original specs to make it drive smoothly with the most efficient gas mileage.