Vehicles rely on fluids to run properly. These fluids help lubricate moving parts of the engine, preventing metal parts from grinding together and keeping the engine from overheating. You should check these fluids regularly to ensure they are at the proper levels. Low fluids may not be doing enough to protect your engine and could lead to serious problems. If you need help checking or changing your fluids, bring your car to a Gilbert, AZ auto repair shop. At Network Automotive Service Center, we are happy to help you check and change any types of fluids, including the following.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid helps protect your transmission. It prevents it from slipping and helps you shift through gears more easily. If your transmission fluid is low you may notice that your car doesn’t want to ship properly. If the fluid is not filled it could cause severe problems with your transmission.


Oil helps keep all the parts in your engine lubricated so they can work without any problems. If there is no oil in your car or if the oil levels get too low, the engine may overheat, parts may grind together. You should never operate your vehicle without oil in it. If your vehicle is leaking oil or seems to be using it, you may have a problem. An auto repair specialist can help identify the problem and correct it.


Coolant is one of the more important fluids in your vehicle. It helps keep your engine from overheating and flows through the motor to cool it. If you have a cracked radiator or if your car uses a lot of coolant, you may need to check this fluid often. You can check and replace it yourself or you can have an auto repair shop do it to make sure there are no leaks or other problems that may be causing you to lose fluid faster than normal.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is important because it helps lubricate your brakes so they can work properly. If your vehicle is low on brake fluid, your brakes may stick or not work properly. This can be extremely dangerous and even cause an accident. Many people don’t think to check their brake fluid and assume they need to replace their brakes when they are really just low on fluid.

If you need help adding fluids to your vehicle or if you need to have your car checked to see if the fluids are at the proper levels, you can bring your car to Network Automotive Service Center. We are a Gilbert, AZ auto repair shop that can help with all your automotive repair needs We are here to help keep your car on the road. You can call us at (480) 539-8277 to set up a service appointment. You can also stop by our shop to learn more about our services or schedule your appointment. We are located at 1021 N Gilbert Rd #108, Gilbert, AZ 85234.