Owning a car means taking care of any problems that may arise with it. That doesn’t mean you have to have automotive knowledge or try to fix your own vehicle. There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a car and it’s best to take it to a mechanic to have those problems repaired quickly and properly. One of the things that need checked and changed regularly is breaks. You can take your vehicle to Network Automotive Service Center for Mesa, AZ auto repair if it is showing any of these signs.

Strange Noises

When a car’s brakes aren’t working properly, they may start to make noises. It can start out as a squeak or rattle, but as they become worse, they can sound more like metal grinding against metal. This means the brakes are in severe condition and may even be close to failing. When you hear the brakes making a grinding sound, it’s time to have them changed by a professional.

Car Shakes When Stopping

When the brakes are worn down and the rotors are rubbing, the car may start to shake as it comes to a stop. This is because the rotors are no longer smooth and when the brake pads rub against them, they are actually hitting small scratches and bumps on them. This makes the car shake. The rotors may need to be changed or the entire brake system may need to be replaced.

Brake Dust On Wheels

Sometimes you can look at the wheels of the vehicle and tell that your brakes need to be changed. You may see rust or brake dust covering the wheels. If there is a small amount, there may not be any reason to worry. If there is a lot, it could be a sign that the brakes are grinding against metal and causing it to shave off in small pieces. If not replaced, the brakes will eventually stop working, which is very dangerous.

Car Takes A While To Stop

One of the most obvious signs that brakes need to be replaced is when they fail to stop the car as they should. Brakes should respond pretty quickly. If you are pushing your foot on the brake pedal and the car does not slow down or stop immediately, it’s a sign that the brakes are bad and need to be replaced.

If your car is showing signs that the brakes need to be replaced, it’s best to have it done quickly. If you aren’t comfortable changing your brakes or working on your car yourself, you can bring it to Network Automotive Service Center. Mesa, AZ auto repair can have your car’s brakes working properly so you feel safe on the road and know your family is protected. Call us at (480) 779-4565 to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle. You can also stop by our shop at 20871 E Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142 to learn more about our services or to make an appointment to have our brakes serviced.