If your vehicle is not handling the road as it should or if it appears to have problems with the shocks, you may need to schedule an appointment for repair services with a Chandler, AZ auto repair center. Network Automotive Service Center is happy to help with all your repair needs. Whether you need to have your shocks checked, repaired, or replaced, you can get the help you need. Don’t drive your vehicle around when it isn’t working right or is making strange sounds. Get help from an experienced auto shop. Here are some signs your shocks may need to be serviced.

Uneven Tire Wear

If you notice that your tires seem to be wearing more on one side than it could be time to get new shocks. When your shocks are bad, they don’t support the car as they should. There can be more weight and pressure on one side of the car or on one wheel. This causes that tire to touch the road more and wears it down quicker. You may need to replace the shock and the tire to fix the issue.

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Swerving While Braking

If you hit the brakes and notice that the car seems to be swerving or pulling to one side, it could mean the shocks are bad. When the car pulls, it is trying to find the support of that shock. In some cases, only one shock may be back or in others, it could be more than one. Replacing the shock or fixing it can help save your brakes and prevent the swerving.

Vibrations While Driving

One of the more obvious signs of a bad shock is vibrations while driving. It can be hard to tell where the vibrations are coming from at times, but after a while, most people realize when it is from a problem with the shock. When a shock is bad, it can’t support the vehicle and can vibrate when there is weight put on it while driving. It’s best to get a vibrating shock fixed quickly to avoid more serious issues.

Squeaking Sounds

Bad shocks often make noises while the vehicle is moving. They can make a squeaky or grinding sound. The sound may be quiet at first and then get louder or appear more frequently as the shock gets worse. Eventually, the sound will turn into a clunking or metallic sound. This can be a sign that the shock just needs some grease, or it may be a sign that it needs to be repaired.

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If your vehicle is showing signs that a shock or shocks are going bad, it’s a good idea to have it serviced as soon as possible. Bad shocks can make your car hard to stop and hard to steer. It can be dangerous to drive a vehicle with a bad shock. Let a Chandler, AZ auto repair center help you. Call Network Automotive Service Center at (480) 649-0839 to make an appointment to have your vehicle repaired. You can also stop by the shop at 104 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201 to schedule an appointment.