Your rotors are an important part of your vehicle and they need to be maintained and changed just like other parts. If they arent working properly or are old and damaged, they may fail to stop your car and could even lead to an accident. If you need new rotors, you can have them installed by a Chandler, AZ auto repair center. Here are some signs that you may need new rotors.

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The Car Shakes When You Hit The Brakes

If you notice that our car is starting to shake or feel jittery when you hit the brakes, it could be a sign that the rotors are bad. The rotors can become shredded and get deep ridges in them. This causes the car to shake as the brakes grind across these ridges and deep marks. It may start out as a light shake, but the longer you let the problem go, the worse the shake will become. Eventually, the rotors can even cause the brakes and wheels to lock up so the car cant be driven.

Loud Grinding Sounds

When your rotors stop working you can usually hear it. It sounds like a grinding sound or can also sound like metal sliding or grinding against another metal. This means the rotors are starting to become damages and are preventing the brakes from working as well as they should. As soon as you start to hear strange sounds coming from your rotors or brakes you need to make an appointment with a repair center to have the rotors replaced.

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Grooves On The Rotors

Sometimes you can just look at the rotors and tell that they are damaged. New rotors or rotors that are in good condition will appear smooth and even feel smooth if you touch them. If you can see deep ridges or crevices on the rotors or if they feel rough or have deep lines, you may need to replace them. Most people hear and feel the results of a bad rotor before they ever see them. Its only after they hear the noises or feel the car shaking that they get out and check them. Remember not to touch the rotors if you have been driving the car. They can get very hot and could burn you.

If you think you may be noticing signs that your rotors are bad and you need to have them replaced, be sure to contact a Chandler, AZ auto repair center. Network Automotive Service Center can assist you with all types of car repairs. If your rotors are bad, you shouldnt be driving on them. They can prevent your car from stopping properly and could even cause more mechanical problems that can become much more costly. If you are ready to get your rotors replaced, give us a call or stop by today. You can make an appointment and we will make the repairs quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road again in no time.