If you have a car there’s a good chance you have looked at your dash and seen at least one light. The lights are mean to alert you when there is something wrong on your vehicle and it needs to be repaired. Some people don’t think these lights are a big deal and just ignore them or reset their battery to make them go away. This doesn’t solve the problem; it only hides it. Ignoring dashboard lights can lead to more serious problems. Here are some of the most common dashboard lights that may require Chandler, AZ auto repair.

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Battery Light

This light is pretty obvious. On most vehicles, it looks just like a battery. On some cars, it may just say the word battery. If you are seeing this light it means your battery is not at full power. It may need to be charged if the car has been running off auxiliary or it may mean your battery is not charging or giving the vehicle with full power. You can have your vehicle checked at a repair shop. In some cases, the battery may just need to be charged or replace. In other cases, there could be a more serious problem.


This light is for the brake system. If you are seeing it, it means there is a problem with your brakes. You should never ignore a brake warning because if the issue is not addressed, the brakes could eventually fail and cause you to get into an accident. You can take your vehicle to a shop to have them find out why the light is on and make the necessary repairs. You may need your brakes and rotors changed or you might just need to have some brake fluid added to your car.

Coolant TemperatureChandler, AZ auto repairs

It’s never good if your vehicle is overheating and there are often warning signs before it happens. You can watch for the coolant temperature dash light. This light comes on if your vehicle is running hot. It could mean you need to add coolant to the car or it could be a sign of a problem with your radiator. You don’t want to ignore this problem because if the vehicle overheats, it could cause your engine to blow up and leave you with a more serious issue that requires even more expensive repairs.

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If you want to make sure your car is always able to get you where you need to be, you need to maintain it and make sure it is working as it should. That means taking your car to Chandler, AZ auto repair shops when you notice dash lights. The above lights are just a few that may show up on your dash. You may also see others. Don’t ignore these lights or think they will go away on their own. You need to have a professional look at your car and make the necessary repairs. If you need help with your vehicle, be sure to call the Network Automotive Service Center for help.