If you are thinking about buying a new car or if you have recently purchased one and you want to make sure it is running well and everything is working as it should, you should consider taking it to a nearest Car Repair shop. In most cases, new cars leave the lot running properly, but that doesn’t mean thee couldn’t be a small problem with your vehicle that could later lead to a larger one. While you might not want to think about taking your new car to a shop as soon as you get it, it can help you avoid more serious problems and could help you find them before they become worse. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this option.


If your vehicle has a warranty, it may cover the cost or parts and labor if there is a problem. Sometimes the warranties last a few months and other times they are only good for a short time after you drive off with your new car. If you want to make sure any issues are found and paid for before the warranty expires. You don’t want to waste any time. Having your car inspected as soon as possible to ensure you are not paying more than necessary for repairs.

One reason to service your new car before you drive it is because many dealerships offer a warranty if you have the service done before you take possession of the car. That warranty may cover certain repairs, such as radiator repair, that are needed within a certain amount of time after you buy the car.

Prevent Bigger Problems

While new cars usually don’t have a lot of miles on them and haven’t been driven far enough for an issue to occur, some can come off the manufacturing line with issues and the dealer may not even know it. If nobody has driven the car, it can be hard for these issues to be known. Once you drive the vehicle you may notice them. The longer you put off fixing these small issues, the worse they can become, and the harder they will be to fix. If you want to make sure you handle them early on so they don’t get worse with time.

If you don’t service your new car before you drive it, you could run into some big problems down the road. One of the most common issues is a rattling exhaust. This can be caused by a loose heat shield or an accumulation of dirt and grime in the exhaust system. If left unchecked, it can eventually lead to engine damage. servicing your new car before you drive it will help ensure that everything is properly tightened and cleaned, preventing any expensive repairs down the line.

Save Money

Chandler, AZ auto repair shopYou don’t want to buy a car that has a lot of problems and issues. You want to buy a car that you can trust. If you have purchased your vehicle new and you take it to a shop and find out there are problems with it, you may be able to return it. It’s a good idea to have the car inspected as soon as possible to find any issue or problems in time,

If you are buying a new car or if you have recently bought one and you want to know that you made a smart purchase and have a good car, you may want to consider taking that car to a Chandler, AZ auto repair to have it inspected. You can make an appointment with Network Automotive Service Center to have your vehicle inspected and checked today to ensure it is working well and will be dependable. Give us a call or stop by today to make an appointment to have your vehicle serviced.