When you own a car, you have to keep up with all the maintenance. That means staying on top of small issues that pop up so they don’t turn into big ones that can cost you a lot of money or make it so you have to go without your car for long periods of time. If your car is experiencing any of these problems, it could mean you have a bad alternator and need to take it to a Mesa, AZ auto repair shop for repairs. Here are three signs to watch for.

Darkening Headlights

Since the alternator helps power the vehicle’s electrical frameworks, diminishing headlights are regularly one of the primary indications of a faltering alternator. Notwithstanding headlights seeming dimmer than expected, different adornments that are fueled by power may diminish or quit working totally. These could incorporate the speedometer and other dashboard dials, power windows and bolts, and radio connections. Anything that requires electric could stop working when the alternator goes bad.

Cautioning Lights on Dashboard

Most vehicles have cautioning lights, normally on the dashboard, that ready you when something isn’t right with the vehicle’s electrical or mechanical frameworks. On the off chance that you see an uncommon admonition light on your vehicle’s dashboard, check the proprietor’s manual immediately to discover what it implies. An alternator issue can rapidly deplete your battery, so in the event that you see an admonition light on your framework, take your vehicle in for administration as quickly as time permits. Your lights may tell you something is wrong or they may just stop working which can also be taken as a sign that the alternator is malfunctioning.

Dead Car Battery

Mesa, AZ auto repairMaybe the most well-known indication of an awful alternator, a dead vehicle battery, however reasonable to supplant, it is badly designed. Nonetheless, if your vehicle battery has kicked the bucket with no unmistakable explanation, have your alternator checked when you take your vehicle to get the battery supplanted. On the off chance that the alternator is terrible, the new battery will be depleted similarly as fast as the old battery, this is a certain sign that the battery isn’t the main problem. Before you replace the battery, you will need to check and make sure the alternator is working and does not need to be replaced.

Trying to figure out what is wrong with your car on your own can be difficult to do but if you need some help, you can take your car to a Mesa, AZ auto repair to get a proper diagnosis. Your car’s alternator does a lot of things and when it goes bad it can prevent your car from moving and it can lead to more serious issues. If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your vehicle, be sure to reach out to Network Automotive Service Center. We are here to help with all your car repair needs. Give us a call to set an appointment today.