If you own or drive a car, you may eventually have to deal with transmission leaks. Leaks occur frequently and are very easy to repair, but leaks can also be a sign of a more serious problem. Many things can cause transmission fluid leaks, and if the problem is not resolved quickly, it can cause serious problems for the vehicle. If there is a leak in the transmission, or if you suspect a leak, give the car to a Chandler, AZ auto repair shop for repairs and work as soon as possible to avoid more severe transmission problems.

What does Transmission Fluid do?

Transmission fluid is a type of lubricant that helps prevent squeaking and damage to moving machine parts in automobiles. It also helps prevent overheating of vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions. Some other features of transmission fluid and other ways it can help protect your car include,

  • Cleans the metal thoroughly
  • Protection for moving metal parts
  • Lowers operating temperature
  • Increase the rotation speed

How Often To Check The Transmission Fluid

You should check the transmission fluid regularly to correct the level. Car owners can add it to the engine. Transmission fluid can be purchased at auto parts stores and many department stores. What is the type of transmission fluid? There are different types of transmission fluid. The automatic transmission uses automatic transmission fluid. Manual gearboxes can use different types of liquids. It is very important to know the type of liquid your vehicle is consuming, as using the wrong type can cause mechanical problems. The vehicle user manual must contain the exact type of liquid required for the vehicle. The most common types of transmission fluid your car may take include

  • HFM Fluid
  • Hypoid Gear Oil
  • Dexron / Mercon
  • Synthetic liquids
  • Engine Oil-Engine
  • Type F-Type F

Should You Add Transmission Fluid If It’s Leaking?Mesa, AZ auto repair

If your transmission is leaking but you want to be able to add fluid to the vehicle, be sure to think about what might happen if you do add the fluid. If the leak is not repaired before you add the fluid, it will all leak out. This could cause you to waste money. If you don’t notice the leak, you could be driving your car without the fluid inside, which could be seriously dangerous. It’s best to have the cause of the leak determined and then repaired so you can put the fluids in and know they are staying there.

If your car has a transmission leak, you need to make an appointment with a trusted Chandler, AZ auto repair shop to handle the repairs. Any time you have a car problem, it can be a stressful and worrisome time. Knowing your car is in good hands will ensure the repairs are made properly so you don’t have to worry about your car stalling or breaking down or your transmission needing to be replaced. If you are ready to have your car serviced today, call Network Automotive Service Center to get help with your repair needs.