If you notice that your car battery has a lot of corrosion, there could be some serious issues. Understanding the cause of the corrosion will make it easier to prevent it. If you need help with battery issues you can take your car to a Mesa, AZ auto repair shop.

Electrolyte Leakage

Batteries are made to hold the acid in a protected and solid case, spills are still possible. Assuming the acid spills out and aggregates around the battery terminals and doesn’t get cleaned up quickly, it could cause some serious erosion to the battery and the terminals. Cleaning the battery can help but find the reason for the leak is the most important method of fixing it.

Water In The Battery

Taking care of your car battery with an excessive amount of water can mean something bad. You should be cautious with regards to just fixing the water and removing it from the battery as this will not fix the problem. If water is getting into your battery there is a problem and it needs to be fixed. Water in the battery can also prevent it from allowing the car to start or cause it to stop running in the middle of a drive.

A Chemical Reaction In The Copper Clamps

Most quality clasps that touch the battery to the wires are generally made of copper. If the copper touches the cables and there is any type of chemical reaction, the copper clamps might be the problem. You may need to replace the clamps or keep the batteries clean in between charges or jumps to prevent corrosion.

To Much Charge

They say that a lot of everything is awful, charging batteries isn’t a special case. Astonishingly, charging your battery too much or too often can prompt battery problems. It will raise the battery temperature which makes the acid grow in volume. This can cause the acid to leak out over the battery and react to the sides of it. You may need to charge your battery or jump it often when you are trying to get it to start, but this may lead to more good than bad. This leads to corrosion.Mesa, AZ auto repair

Hydrogen Gas

The battery produces hydrogen gas. There’s some in the air we inhale each day and it is really innocuous in a small amount. Be that as it may, as innocuous as it appears it can cause erosion once it mixes with different gasses. The gas can mix with the acid and lead to corrosion. While there is no way to prevent the gas, you can prevent the corrosion by cleaning off the battery terminals and any leaks you notice coming from the battery.

If your battery has signs of corrosion and you need to have your car serviced, be sure to consider taking your car to a Mesa, AZ auto repair shop. You can drop your car off and have it inspected for battery problems. If you are ready to make an appointment for your car, call Network Automotive Service Center.