Seeing fluid leaking from your car can be stressful and worrisome. If you don’t know what the leaking fluid is, you may not know why it’s leaking and what you can do about it. The best thing to do is take your car to a Mesa, AZ auto repair shop to find out what is leaking and to have the leak repaired. This can help protect your car from serious damage and save you a lot of money in repairs. It can also help you identify any future leaks that may occur.


Motor oil is usually brown and one of the most common things to leak on a car. This can happen if there is a problem with your gasket or if your engine has a leak. It’s never good to see that your oil is leaking and it can mean there is a serious problem in your car. Not only do you need to make sure there is plenty of oil in your car so your engine can run properly.


If you see a pink liquid coming from your vehicle, it may be due to a transmission fluid leak. This could mean that the transmission is leaking or it may mean that your transmission fluid need to be changed. If the fluid appears to be pink with specks of black or brown, it means the fluid is dirty and needs to be changed.


Blue liquid is usually a coolant leaking from the radiator or coolant reservoir. This can be a problem because your engine needs this coolant so it won’t overheat. If the fluid is leaking then you need to see why there is a leak and make sure you keep this fluid in the vehicle to prevent the car from overheating and even preventing the car from blowing up.


Mesa, AZ auto repairIf you notice a clear fluid leaking from your car it could be brake fluid or it may just be water. Sometimes air conditioners can leak water or the condensation that occurs on the hoses can drop down on the ground. If it is just condensation from the air conditioning, it may not be something to worry about and if it feels oily it may be brake fluid. Brake fluid will need to be replaced or else your brakes won’t work right.

If you notice your car is leaking a fluid, the color of that fluid can tell you a lot about the problems with your car. If you want to take your car to a Mesa, AZ auto repair shop to find out what kind of fluids it is leaking. Be sure to consider us. We are here to help with your car problems. You can make an appointment for your car, drop it off, and pick it up when we make the repairs and refill your fluids. Give us a call today to learn more about our service or to make an appointment to find out what the leak is on your car.